Friday, January 13, 2017

Barcelona holidays Dec 2016,Jan 2107

This Christmas holiday we went to visit our daughter Morgan and Chris in Barcelona,Spain.
Our youngest daughter Shelby and her husband Ben,who had never been there went with us.

We started our journey Christmas eve aboard the KLM flight SFO to Amsterdam with the
connection to Barcelona. Arriving Christmas afternoon there. Checked into the apartment we had for the two weeks. Then to the  Morgans place for a great Christmas dinner.

Our two weeks were spent visiting the Picasso/Miro/Dali museums,touring through several of our favorite churches,eating great food,drinking great wine/beer and just having a great time with our family in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Ben did a lot of research on the beer pubs that have popped up in Barcelona in the last few years.
glass of#14 "Black Pierata" a Black Bock Bourbon Barrel Aged beer. This beer was so good and we were sad to find out we had the last glass in town.The next day Chris checked his suppliers and they
also said the same.Chris owns a wine Bodaga that we stop into on a regular basis for wine/snacks.
It's great to have Chris the wine expert and Ben the beer expert in the family.

A scallop tapa.

Coffee and Apple treat from a bakery next to the Picasso museum.

My "T" shirt,I saw it last visit but didn't get it.This time for sure.

The 2000 year old Roman wall in Girona.It has been rebuilt many times by different conquers.

Pintxos selection.
 Pintox bar

Dali museum in Figueres. We traveled by the AVE,high speed train.This is also where Dali is buried. The museum has a great collection of some of his best known works and also some works by other artists. We have been there before but nice to return as there were some things we missed last time.
A gull keeping an eye on us from the roof top of the Cathedral.

We had a fantastic "Rice" (paella) at Cal Robert. So much great food.

Our apartment,third up on left,great location close to Morgan and Chris.

Breakfast fruit at Flax& Kale,we liked this place so much we eat there 3 times.

This is Avocado toast,easy to make and very delicious.

No trip would be complete without Pedron peppers.

This is a hospital from the 1920s has been refurbished with new teaching buildings also on the site.This is not in use anymore.just open for tours.

Another beautiful Espresso cup and a greet tea ball dessert.

Holiday lights outside our apartment window

Assortment of cheese that Chris selected,along with his wine knowledge he also knows his cheese.

Caca Batllo

Lights Gran de Gracia

City tree in Placa Sant Jaume

Santa Maria del Mar,this is one of our favorite churches.

Rose window Santa Maria del Mar

The very small Sant Miguel church with it's altar.

The family,Ben, Morgan ,Chris,Sharon,Shelby,Frank

You know who!

One of the Three Kings,the kids tell them what they want for Three Kings,6 Jan.

Breakfast at the the Mercat Sant Josep just off the Rambla.

Fruit at the market

A seafood stall

A snack stall

Barcelona wild life

One of our vegetarian meals

Girona old town on the hill.

The old Barcelona bull ring,now a shopping mall

These are priced by the type of toothpick,straight 1 euro ,flagged 1.20 euro.
A great way to eat and not very expensive.

The pintxos at Pintxos J

Parts of the 2000 year old Roman wall in Girona

The Choc shop for goodies,the items in front are "kronuts" a croissant doughnut.

Tuna burger on ash bun bread.

Bubble man at the Barcelona Cathedral

Main bell tower Barcelona Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Barcelona parrot the city is full of them and they are noisy.

Columbus statue

Bread shop wish we had a selection like this here.

Paca de Montjuic ( Jew mountain) at sunset.

Sagrada Familia this church is so much fun to watch them build it.

Holiday lights

Seafood stall Mercat de Sant Antoni

San Antoni market under reconstruction

close up Olympic area Montjuic ( looks like a city from Star Wars).

Sagrada Famillia from Montjuic
Dessert at our St. Stevens dinner( like Boxing day in England).
Quail egg on a slider.
The selection of Espresso cups around the city is huge.Seems every cafe has a different design.
These are Pintxos from our favorite place, Sagardi 's
Santa Maria del Mar interior. During the Spanish civil was the church was set afire and burned for 11 days.
The deserts at Bubo.They are almost to good looking to eat.
Bell tower Barcelona Cathedral.
View from Miro museum of the city.
Sharon,Ben Morgan and Shelby at Chris's wine Bodaga,enjoying some great wine.
Our New Years day feast.Lots of great food,thanks to Chris,Morgan and Shelby.

The Brew Dog logo on the WC wall.
The working sketch for the wall art at Brew Dog pub.


  1. How blessed you two are with family and travel! Thanks for letting us come along!

  2. Loved these photos and commentary! I must get to Spain with as many of you as possible. Love to my Valentines, Lou